We believe that design transcends beyond the mere aesthetic value. We understand it as a transversal tool that helps - from the beginning - boosting businesses, brands and projects to a new level. We believe in the power of design and this is our vision:

Design as culture

We strongly advocate that design should be incorporated at the beginning of any business project. Our methodology aims to bring valuable knowledge and understanding to businesses, products and users, mixing collaborative work, strategic thinking and creativity, transcending the simple aesthetic value. Design is essential in any innovative business strategy to bring values of proximity, understanding and empathy and connect effectively with the user.

Research and methodology

We are committed to research and knowledge through various design methodologies. We have a versatile and lively space where we stimulate the development of new processes, where we encourage creative, formal and thinking research. A collaborative work space with our clients and team of professionals. We use research as a tool of deep knowledge towards products, businesses and users; a process through which to discover needs, strengths, opportunities and weaknesses that often the inertia and day to day business does not allow us to identify and that are essential in the initial phase of immersion of any project. An indispensable phase for the correct definition of the strategic brief.

Brand driven vision

We are specialists in building brands and we understand them as the essential element to articulate a coherent, understandable and identifiable discourse. We help companies establish a relationship with their users through design to improve their experience, regardless of the channel we use to deliver our message. In both branding and communication projects, the brand is the essence of the message and everything we do must be useful to build its value. Brand Stories is the system of creating a coherent story between brands and users that help us to connect in a human, realistic and effective way through the various disciplines of design.

Small, but effective

Toormix is a small independent agency that, after studying your needs, will only propose ideal solutions for you and your project, which we believe is key to your success. And at the same time we are as big as the project requires because we offer a comprehensive tailor-made service always with maximum agility and efficiency. We get to the point!
We develop each project through a single contact, in a single place, with our own team and with the collaboration of specialized external professionals. We create a collaborative network always thinking in the benefit of your project.


We are aware of where we are and what the moment is, of how the rules of the game have changed the way brands relate to their users. We defend the need to establish global and holistic strategies in business, products and services, incorporating different media: written, formal, verbal, audiovisual and performance. To avoid getting lost in a sea of brands, it is essential to think about the last mile: conversion. That is why our actions are completed with a digital marketing strategy, both in social networks and search engines.

Honesty and trust

We work for companies, services and institutions to help them grow and build their personality and achieve business success. We like to tell things by their name, bringing all the knowledge and experience that give us more than 20 years in the sector. We only understand our work from honesty, responsibility and transparency and we prefer to be uncomfortable than complacent, even proposing to reorient a project if professionally we think it is necessary.

Tailor-made process

With a clear interest in the immersion and research phase, the Toormix work process deepens the knowledge of the user as well as the collaborative work with the client, defining in each case, a customized methodology for each project.

The strategic phase is fundamental to outline the objectives and redefine the brief, placing great emphasis on the needs of the brand. In the creation and development phases, we integrate iteration and prototyping processes to generate the best solution in each case. We understand the production as an essential phase of the projects putting interest in the details, the finishes and in the analysis of the results, phase that allows us to detect new opportunities for improvement, growth and optimization of the projects.