DI55ECCIONS is born after a project from LCI school Barcelona

The project emerged driven by a need to bring the new design school of Barcelona closer to professionals, students and people interested in the world of design.

The idea was to attract the aforementioned public through the selection of different well-known creative profiles in the world of design. Another of the main features to enhance the curation process was to select the different creative profiles taking into account the variety of disciplines related to different specialities: fashion, interior design, product, ux / ui, graphics, among others, which in turn coincided with the different teaching modules in the school.

A format which represents the name of the project (5 + 5)

Following a process of strategic conceptualization and with an objective of coming up with an innovative format, the idea was to create a script based on 5 questions that would mark the structure of each session. Thus, on one hand we sought a different discourse delving into personal issues, processes, lesser-known projects and then finally a vision of the future. A full-fledged dissection of the progression, of the discipline and of the profiles themselves. To sum up, 5 questions for 5 speakers in total and a name that would link everything together: DI55ECCIONS.

After three editions, the project has taken shape, especially thanks to the experience of the first two editions and the voice of the attending public, who have provided insight into how we can best cover their needs and thus cover the general public through the different sessions carried out in these talks.

First edition DI55ECCIONS:

The first edition of DI55ECCIONS (2016/17), featured the participation of Martí Guixé, Alfonso de la Fuente, Javier Aristu, Domestic Data Streamers, Christopher Grant (Senior Director for Product & UX at King) and Mermelada Estudio.
Martí Guixé showcased some of his best known projects during his presentation, such as the set shop he created for Camper or his bar “Ex-Designer”, whose pieces are printed entirely in 3D.

“I like to restore something that has already been created in order to transform it and tell my own story.” Alfonso de la Fuente

Javier Aristu wanted to highlight some of the keys to understanding the future of the design sector: the strategic importance of thinking before designing, the omnipresence of the digital environment, the current market situation, the difference between specialized product and special and the need to bet on a simple and transparent design.

“Having very different profiles allows us to go further. When we put a professional in a field that is not his, we get a new vision of things.”
Domestic Data Streamers

“If you work in an agency, you always have to fight for the good of the user beyond the demands of the contracting companies.”
Chris Grant

Mermelada Estudio stressed, with respect to the current state of product design, that the balance between art and technology results in incredible creations and that currently the concept exists that claims, despite industrialization, any product can be customized.

Second edition DI55ECCIONS:

The second edition (2017/18), kicked off with the participation of Verónica Fuerte, founder of Hey estudio, followed by founder and CEO of shoe brand Arrels Barcelona, Javier Llaudet, Xavier Mañosa of Apparatu, Remko Vermeulen of Telefónica Alpha, Anna Puigjaner, founder of Maio Arquitectura and the well-known Barcelona typographer, Laura Meseguer.

“The human part is essential in order to gain credibility. When you do things right and give freedom to the professionals you work with you get special results.”
Verónica Fuerte

“No machine can tell you a story like the designer does. Thus, they´re not a threat but rather tools that help us.”
Xavier Mañosa

During the talk Remko Vermeulen defended a three-phase creative process (Prototyping – Testing – Learning) which must be repeated constantly in order to obtain a quality result.

“Collaborating with designers from other fields adds a lot of color to our projects.”
Anna Puigjaner

“We need more typography. There will always be a graphic designer who needs the typography that you are about to create.”
Laura Meseguer

Third edition DI55ECCIONS:

And lastly, in the third and current edition of the event, the invited speakers are the art director and photographer Andoni Beristain, Carmelo Zappulla of External Reference Architects, Mikel Pascal, creative director of the eyewear brand Etnia Barcelona, ​​Dani Campmany, founder and partner of Snoop Barcelona and finally Marc Morros, of the technology company HP.

A result that adds knowledge

Finally, it´s no giant leap to conclude that this series of conferences has established itself as one of the main activities of the LCI school Barcelona and as a reference event for the world of design. Furthermore, we have received support from several collaborators such as Moritz, Vermut Yzaguirre or Solán de Cabras.

The audience always varies depending on the invited speaker, which means captivation of a very broad audience, ranging from professionals to students and other personalities outside of the design sector and the time after the talks allows for direct contact between the public and the speakers, making them accessible and very close to the debate and to professional contacts.

What we did

  • Conceptualization and naming
  • Strategy design
  • Curatorship, direction and production
  • Identity y branding