A space born from the collaboration between the Espai Tactel Art Gallery in Valencia and the Toormix design studio in Barcelona

The project is born out of an interest to bring the artistic discourse closer to the public and also as a reflection of the creative process of the artists who articulate their discourse in the conceptualization, the multidisciplinarity and the expressive. A form of knowledge that allows, on one hand, a debate between artist, public and designers and, in turn, reveals the parallels between the artistic processes with those of design.

The artistic stance of the Espai Tactel gallery is in line with the ideas of Toormix spurred on by an interest in the discourses centered on the conceptualization, the project mechanisms and the formalization of the ideas that add value to the current art world with a large dose of innovation and modernity in the traditional discourse of art.

Espai Tactel Toormix is much more than an art gallery

In addition to the programming that the gallery itself runs through exhibitions –be it individual or collective- and in line with the promotion of contemporary practices initiated at the Espai Tactel gallery in Valencia, this new space also presents new proposals for exhibition in collaboration with the Toormix study in addition to debates centered on the reflection on artistic discourse, the mix of disciplines, the creative process, experimentation as a relevant role in design understood as a way of thinking and developing ideas and projects.


A programming, a declaration of intentions

The programming of the gallery for its first year of existence is designed with the aim of illustrating the continuous artistic line with Espai Tactel combined with the intention of adding other activities as well as other agents that allow for an extension in its discourse, incorporating other commissioners and collaborators, among other personalities. The intention is to open the spectrum to new artists as well as create an artistic discourse at a point of intersection with design.

The first exhibition to begin this phase in Barcelona featured the participation of artists Fito Conesa and Michael Roy under the title “Secret Diaries” , a personal and intimate vision of their thoughts and lives through different works, installations and audiovisual products.

The second exhibition is curated by Francisco Ramallo, who has invited 3 female artists under the title “The shortest lines go for a walk”. Participating in this exhibition are Momu & No Es, Amanda Moreno and Anne Berning, who, through the thematic concept of the storyline, showcase their works in the form of sculpture, audiovisual materials and artistic installations.

In upcoming future exhibitions, other profiles such as Patricia Carrasco will participate, who is both artistic director and head of the space in Barcelona, ​​with the scope expanding in future exhibitions to include other disciplines, events, collaborations and projects in which design is also set to take a predominant role.


The result is a flexible space in which anything and everything can happen

In the conceptual line in which Espai Tactel has been developing its discourse and the interest in showcasing the new and interesting offerings in the marketplace of young artists, we see the addition of Espai Tactel Toormix, the perfect excuse to complement this line of thought through new formats, dialogues and new experiences. A coherent laboratory of ideas in which design itself connects as a synonym of processes, forms of conceptualizing and formalizing, the same as occurs in the case of art. Proposals that simultaneously investigate the process of creation and production and that allow this new space in Barcelona, ​​attached to the Toormix studio, to develop joint conversations and open up new ideas surrounding art and design through risk-taking and innovation. A form of nourishing the most interested of audiences as much as possible while nurturing the creative team of Toormix and Espai Tactel.


What we did

  • Project management and conceptualization
  • Identity, communication and strategy
  • Co-curation and co-production
  • Web design