With a clear intention of providing content to the gastronomic space and a perfect excuse to promote it, this event is conceived, taking advantage of the space, to connect professionals from the world of design with gastronomy. The goal is to encourage participation of all kinds of public, from the regular clients and neighbours of the area to designers and curious parties in general.

How was this idea born?

Since the opening of the restaurant Bicnic, in October 2017, cultural proposals related to design and gastronomy have been created with the aim of making the space more dynamic. The Fast Talks cycle of conferences arises from this idea. A tangible representation of the concept of the restaurant itself, the fusion between design and gastronomy, which explores cases where gastronomy and design move in the same direction. Fast Talks is the evidence of how these two disciplines can find points of connection and what the fruits of this union are in the form of an intimate setting and for a limited capacity of people.
The idea, for questions of space and hours of the restaurant, was to create sessions of 30 minutes, the perfect amount of time to have a beer and snack after work, in the company of various relevant professionals with the objective of explaining firsthand, projects of reference in this field.

Fast Talks has already had more than one edition...

During the first cycle of this new format, -June and July 2018- Fast Talks featured 4 speakers across different disciplines who are heavily involved in design and gastronomy. The cycle kicked off with the renowned photographer Txema Salvans, who has one of his photographs exhibited in large format in the Slow area of Bicnic, representing an urban picnic. Following that, the graphic design and communication studios Lo Siento and Clase Bcn, who have always been very involved in brand and packaging projects for different food and beverage companies, were featured. To close this first cycle, the calligrapher Oriol Miró participated, presenting, among others, his lettering project for Cava Rimarts, who was also invited to do a tasting with the attendees. Having Oriol Miró together with the client, Cava Rimarts, offered a complete vision of the project from all vantage points.

When things go well, you have to repeat

The second cycle came a few months later, during the last quarter of 2018. Curated, once again, by Toormix, we sought the participation of different creative profiles connected in the same way with the world of gastronomy. Those selected were the graphic design studio Atipus, together with Cava Maria Rigol–a presentation that included a sampling of cava-, followed by the innovative project of Vega Hernando, Eating Patterns, a personal and innovative project that arose from an interest in sharing the most personal recipes through her experience as a designer. The month of November, the packaging and graphic design studio JJ Bertran, an absolute reference in the world of wine labels and one of the few studios specialized purely in this field. And finally, the studio of Josep Basora, who presented his projects related to gastronomy, some of them directly linked to the world of coffee.

What has been the result?

As a result, this activity has allowed for the introduction of the restaurant to a new public, as well as enhancing client loyalty among those who are already regulars. Consolidate Bicnic as a gastronomic space beyond a mere restaurant where surprises are constantly in the works and new things happen daily. The link with the world of design is key and consistent with the positioning of the space and strengthens its place at the highest point of the design circuit of the city of Barcelona. This fosters a discourse where design is promoted as a tool for change and a perfect excuse to unite the profession with the fields of restoration and gastronomy. Furthermore, the strategic objective is to bring the restaurant closer to the potential public, thus, Fast Talks provides the excuse to come and try it and discover the cuisine of chef Víctor Ferrer.

What we did

  • Event conceptualization
  • Direction & management
  • Content curatorship
  • Branding & identity
  • Design and art direction