A family business with a great textile tradition focused on innovation and sustainability as its main brand values.


With the daunting challenge of competing on a global scale, Arpe differentiates itself from the competition for manufacturing, printing and designing in the same space, without intermediaries and with a significant role in innovation and care of the processes. Its image must align with this positioning, which should be explained clearly, forcefully and with its own language by means of a new brand.


The new brand represents the fabric (in-house manufacture), printing and creativity. Three of the intrinsic values of Arpe.



The first part of the project helped define a series of dynamics in order to get to know not only the company and its workers, but also its processes and manufacturing, as well as understanding how the future of microfiber is addressed through its possibilities, uses and technologies.

Subsequently, a series of workshops helped redefine brand values and verbalize a new graphic brand proposal. Differential values were sought in order to link them with the emerging needs of the market and above all, with a clear focus on the future of the production of this material.

The value proposal

With all this, Arpe seeks to consolidate its position in the local and global market through a clear, honest, real positioning and as a leader in the sector. Values such as sensitivity, creativity, professionalism, the practicality of its products and specialization in the world of microfiber make them unique, distinctive and above all, highly competitive in such a dynamic sector, which has a very strong vision of the future . If we also add other attributes that form part of the DNA of the brand such as its textile tradition, its location (Barcelona brand), sustainability, the manufacturing process, printing and design in the same space and the fact that they are leaders in the innovation of this material, the result is a company of strong value. These values aid Arpe in completely distancing itself from the competition.


From here, we build a new image and graphic code that represents the values mentioned in a creative way, in order to represent creativity and innovation. The drop refers to the printing, while the pattern designed illustrates the microfiber fabric and, finally, a colorful and contemporary graphic expression brings coherence to the new positioning.

A brand architecture that includes the word Barcelona in its name, which is a strategic decision in order to maintain visibility in international markets. As for the composition, a flexible brand is created that allows other declines in its form, depending on its use and context.

“Making, printing and designing microfiber products in Barcelona” fully defines its differential argument. This baseline explains, on one hand, the range of products they develop, and on the other, the values and other strategic elements of the brand. The creation of a library of icons and different and highly representative prints are added in order to indicate the products.



The new Arpe brand reflects a clear and fresh language, which transmits a creative positioning in an intelligent way while generating a very personalistic graphic code. Both aspects help develop the different elements of communication in a functional and distinctive manner.

A brand that breathes warmth and that, explicitly, explains the values of a company that aims to remain a leader in the sector and one which cares about the future and sustainability.

Lastly, the catalogs of microfiber products that are developed, mostly for companies, events, promotions and merchandising, must convey credibility through a product that expresses the new values of Arpe while simultaneously adapting to the needs of the brands that buy it. In this sense, the closer and more honest these values are, the more credible the brands that use these products will be. Some useful and functional products that contribute to a better world.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Identity & branding
  • Communication
  • Creative and art direction