Espai Tactel Toormix was born from a union between the Toormix design studio in Barcelona and the Espai Tactel gallery in Valencia, with the aim of reflecting on dissonances and points of union between art and contemporary design through exhibitions and other parallel activities.

Art Designers wants to emphasizes these common processes of reflection, conceptualization and of creation itself. Beyond formalization and interpretation, this exhibition is interested in the deepest discourse of the idea, the meaning and the most personal expression that brings coherence to an integral and global discourse.

Art Designers exhibition attend to 9 international designers: Antoine et Manuel, Claudia Basel, Anthony Burrill, Eike König, Mathieu Mercier, The Rodina, Pepa Salazar, Patrick Thomas and Alex Trochut.



The purpose of this fourth exhibition is to answer questions related to the fine line separating the field of art and design, such as: how we separate the commercial order from the most personal artistic expression while at the same time reflecting on the elements they have in common; how to find the points of union between the teachers of the idea; or how to differentiate between a product and a work. All these ideas should be reflected both in the curatorial work and the selection of the designers and their works, and in the construction of a transformed graphic code that would highlight the main theme of the exhibition through its graphic communication.


Art Designers, a name that gives life to the exhibition, is a declaration of intent regarding the idea that art is designed and what better artist than a designer. The graphic image creates a logo, the intersection between the disciplines of art and design (“AD”) and the use of black and white emphasizes the idea of purity, of concept, of essence itself.

The animations recreate the idea of the experiment, that each work is interpreted in itself and does not have a single meaning. Thus each poster is different and randomly conforms with the game of the symbol repeated in several sequences and dimensions.

Regarding the typography, the corporate identity of Espai Tactel Toormix and its communication, the typography “Trash”, a very personal and singular typography, is used.


The language and graphic code declined for this new communication cannot be understood without the accompaniment of the animation, which intertwines to a greater degree the elements that compose the design and give meaning to the poster’s graphic itself. A total of nine versions of the poster have been developed, drawn from different ‘frames’ of the main animation, making reference to the nine artists participating in the exhibition.



Finally, the curating process developed gives rise to the participation of 9 international designers who present, in a few cases, exclusive and unpublished works: Antoine et Manuel, Claudia Basel, Anthony Burrill, Eike König, Mathieu Mercier, The Rodina, Pepa Salazar, Patrick Thomas and Alex Trochut. Through this selection, we try to cover as many disciplines as possible to shed light on, once again, the dissolution between one field and the other, from any perspective.


Regarding the design and communication of the exhibition, a striking graphic line, in keeping with the rest of the exhibitions, is achieved, with the aim of leaving not one member of the audience of the gallery- artists and designers – indifferent, while maintaining great flexibility in any format of communication or support, from the room sheet to the press release for the media, through communication in social networks or the signage itself.

Exhibition curatorship: Espai Tactel & Toormix.
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