The communication project for Barcelona Design Week begins with a study of the identity of the event. After analyzing the objectives as well as the graphics and concept of the brand, we performed a small restyling to enhance the idea of union. A union that represents the relationship between the designer and the client/entrepreneur/ brand.



Campaigns with a great conceptual weight and, at the same time, flexible, allowing the generation of several declinations that enrich the messages through the digital channels.



The brand project began by reflecting on the idea of a team between the entrepreneur and the designer and highlighting the profile of the entrepreneur. Changes were also defined, for example to recover the word ‘Barcelona’ instead of BCN, which highlight important decisions at a strategic level to reach all audiences in a clear way and without too many nomenclatures that can be confusing to foreign attendees.


We created the claim “Design is here” with the idea of ​​generating, on the one hand, a headline that welcomes the design week but, at the same time, represents the idea that design is everywhere even if we are not aware of it.



Among the campaign pieces of the 9th edition, there is an arrow pointing to the idea that design is everywhere when applied in different directions and in interactive applications such as stickers, tags, t-shirts or adhesive vinyls, among others. Finally, to promote the idea beyond the graphic campaign, the headline is used in hashtag form to share among the networks while a game is conceived to involve the attendees participating in the Design Week. The structure “Design ______” allows each one to be able to explain the function of design from different points of view. According to the participation data, each year the Design Week has been growing in visitors, reaching more than 20,000 in its latest edition.


What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Communication