It was necessary to create an identifiable and unified environment that would help to communicate in an original way the policies and actions around public housing. To do so, we wanted to introduce an umbrella campaign concept and a strong and supple.

The project required building a visual system that could be developed in a wide variety of pieces, actions and environments, being able to unify and make recognisable from construction site billboards to instagram or tiktok posts and campaigns. The aim of the project is to create a system that is enduring, flexible and can be declined but helps to frame for all public actions in the municipal public housing environment.

To develop the campaign we propose to create the claim “Barcelona is key” that makes clear reference to the tool that opens the door to new housing, making a play on words and placing Barcelona as a “key” actor. For the development of the code, a flexible environment was created in which the word and the messages take on special relevance, occupying practically all the supports. To complement it, more than 15 different key models are designed to help give character to the communication actions.

Due to the great variety of pieces and supports to be developed and the possibility that the system can grow, evolve and mutate over time, the system is provided with a series of tools that, combined, make it possible to work with photographs of “inhabited houses”, messages adapted to each piece, graphics, keys, etc. The idea is to create a flexible environment and establish a framework of action “that allows”, avoiding the “limitations” so characteristic of corporate manuals.

In order to systematise the graphic code, the structure of the message and the graphic and visual system, a comprehensive application guide is drawn up. It “systematises” the “how to do”, the construction of the pieces and of expression but without creating a series of rules that limit creativity, but rather that allow the different design teams that will have to work with them to evolve and make it grow, as this campaign must last over time and not be finite. The guide only wants to provide a framework for action, flexible but that marks a line and puts order using a common axis, leaving creative leeway.


A new conceptual and campaign framework is created, a creative and graphic environment for action, seeking timelessness and allowing the campaign to evolve thanks to a toolbox that incorporates from a campaign concept to a varied, flexible and adaptable graphic code that, at the same time, makes it recognisable by the people who live in Barcelona.

What have we done?

  • Branding and identity
  • Communication