The challenge was to transform an old grocery store of gourmet products into a gastro-bar, building a new brand, but without decapitalizing its centennial history. At the strategic level it was decided to maintain the name and to construct a graphic code that expressed modernity but, at the same time, would refer to the essence, to marvels and its time of splendor.


We decided to draw on the visual elements of modernism to capitalize history, but building a contemporary identity and explaining the line of products offered.



We worked together with the client to help with the definition of the new communication strategy. Following the analysis of the new service and the history of the establishment, we decided to keep the name in order to capitalize on the history. We also defined the brand strategy and the tone of communication that helped to position the gastro-bar, linking it to values like trust, good product and history.



A project in which the strategic contribution was the key to reposition the project towards the appropriation of the past in the new orientation of Betlem. By maintaining the name, a visual code with modernist references and a linguistic structure based on popular sayings, we created a contemporary brand that honored its past as a gourmet grocery store.

What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication
  • Graphic design