Bicnic is an urban food project that starts with a food truck offering a gastronomic proposal focused on the “fast good Mediterranean”, with healthy km 0 products, ready to eat.


We worked a brand based on movement, product care and proximity. In this way, the emphasis is placed on the idea of ​​fresh products and the dynamism provided by the mobility of the food truck.


Bicnic is the first venture of culinary entrepreneurship for Toormix, and the first collaboration with a client, the Betlem Restaurant, the other partner of the project. The initiative has had a creative direction from the beginning, both in the conceptualization at the business level and in the design part.



Through a gastronomic proposal based on fast good (a fast formula and take away with products of the highest quality and proximity), Bicnic offers dishes and sandwiches, desserts and preparations to share with a creative, fresh and fun treatment, based on the brand concept: the “fast good Mediterranean”, healthy and natural. A quick formula maintaining quality and proximity.



With the involvement of Toormix, the project has integrated design from the beginning of the conception of the business idea. At a formal level, the identity is prepared through the construction of two circles in constant movement (on wheels) and a visual and iconographic system that is based on the rural Mediterranean environment.

What we did

  • Identity & Branding
  • Brand strategy
  • Product design
  • Experience & service design
  • Communication