Noba Ventures

Born on 2017 at Barcelona, Noba Ventures works with companies to help them design and develop new ideas for their businesses from a user and business need perspective. We develop a siwft and adaptive identity aligned with their flexibility, methodology and character.


Noba asked us to do a fresh, contemporary identity for their company that they can use to enter some of their values in their own visualization. To develop this corporative identity we worked upon the concept of flexibility and adaptation, since they are a dynamic team that always orbits around the clients’ needs, growing when needed in accordance to these.


Next Chef

Next Chef is a new digital tool that optimizes the classic management of restaurants and their equipment through a system of photo recipes and other functionalities that facilitate the daily life of a professional kitchen. We worked on the corporate identity from the percentage symbol. This refers to the savings and optimization represented by the final benefit of this professional tool. This means the profitability of the business. The two circles represent two dishes and respond to the process of making a recipe: empty dish – cooked dish. To represent the variety of dishes (recipes) of the brand, the texture of the second circle has different representations, so the brand contains multiple graphic variations.


Me & Mine

Me & Mine, a new brand of decorative products designed for children with the goal of learning together with parents, is a tribute to the plastic ruler with the die-cut alphabet that allows children to draw letters. The logo is also an object, a tool that allows the development of creativity, imagination and craft work. All these values are linked to the Me & Mine brand that connects people and makes them participants in the exercise.



Conceptualization, naming, corporate identity and graphic code for the “Catalan Foundation for Waste Prevention and Responsible Consumers”, a Catalan environmental and civic entity that aims to change the consumption and production model through zero waste.

We create the Rezero name through the concept synthesis: zero residues. From the use of a characteristic typography, a symbol that represents the zero residues consumption and the use of a colour board that has as a reference the Earth, we have built a new identity aware with a change and which claims the current consumption system.


From the Rezero’s brand it is derived a sub-brand called ‘Consum Conscient’ (Conscious Consumption). This project shows a naming proposal and the identity design of its campaign. We have had in account the Rezero’s brand and graphic code to keep the consistency between both pieces.


What we did

  • Identity & brand
  • Art direcction
  • Graphice code
  • Naming