The logotype

“Everything you can imagine that you need for your vehicle, we do it for you”. With this basic idea as an initial approach, a symbol has been created that represents both a vehicle and also the infinite number of things that can be done to it thanks to Cafler that moves it for you.

A typography that, thanks to its shapes and ligatures, draws lanes and roads as if they were roads created with the letters themselves.

Other graphic resources

Resource videos in which users hand over the keys to Cafler to provide the service needed for the vehicle and other pieces that explain the whole process in a clear way that should help build trust in the service.


A vivid color palette, dynamic iconography and a synthetic and highly functional language provide a clear and innovative communication of the service.

The website

The new digital experience has taken into account a very dynamic visual navigation. Through transitions, animations and videos it makes Cafler’s business model understandable not only to the end users but also to the partners involved in the whole process and service. A website ready to grow in the future to incorporate specific landings and new services that Cafler will be able to offer to its users such as: car washing, transfer to the mechanic workshop or moving to the customer’s convenience, among others.

Through various strategic brand workshops, Cafler’s values, mission and vision have been defined. For the work of the new digital experience, several workshops have also been organized with the aim of defining both the usability and the experience in order to enhance the corporate discourse and the entire commercial strategy of the company.


A fresh brand and an understandable language for a service that must guarantee users maximum trust by leaving in Cafler’s hands the different transfers of their own vehicle. A language with a clear and friendly tone that will facilitate the understanding of the web application process and that will be extended in the future to other services and innovations.

What have we done?