The challenge was twofold, as, on one hand, we wished to achieve greater visibility of the NGO, yet, at the same time, help in understanding the functioning of the entity with regards to support for refugees once they reach the country of destination.


Most people are familiar with the fact that the arrival of refugees is via maritime means or other means of communication. What is not popularly known is the way these people begin once they arrive in the country of destination, their integration into the new society and their reintegration into the workplace.



The campaign is built upon a fundamental axis that defines the main objective of the entity: support in the reconstruction of the lives of refugees. With this idea, the claim “loading new lives” is created, which is precisely what these people from all over the world need, people without any type of roots, support or help in integrating within the destination country in an effective manner.

With the support of the CCAR we get in touch with 4 real-life witnesses who, through their reintegration stories, positively illustrate cases of people rebuilding their lives. With their permission, we make these people protagonists of the story and photograph them in their new field of work. The images should help generate this illusion in order to explain that loading or creating a new life is possible.


The graphics, referenced in the “loading” strips of the web images, generates a graphic code linked to the idea of discovering these characters through dynamic animations. On the other hand, we elaborate other secondary graphics from geometric shapes reminiscent of country flags with the purpose of making everyone understand that they are welcome, wherever they come from.



In short, it is a campaign designed to explain that the problem of refugees does not end when they arrive in another country but rather marks a long road of reconstruction. An animated graphic that energizes advertising pieces, posters and finally, a spot to be broadcast on television within solidarity slots.


What we did

  • Communication
  • Art Direction