The casual identity seeks to align the tone of proximity of his team with the customer through a humorous tone, placing the company in the gastronomic sector and communicating the climate that the team generates in their tours and projects.



Aborígens is a project by two communication professionals passionate about local gastronomy, who wanted an identity that communicated their love for food through the services they offer: Consulting and gastronomic tours, always keeping their casual personality. From the beginning, the challenge was to communicate their great professionalism and knowledge in gastronomic terms with a relaxed and colloquial tone, very characteristic of how they work and connect, both with customers and with food.


We selected funny and decadent images from google images, as well as pictures of cats, which the team members imitated in a fun way, to offer an exaggerated nod to the tours and their consequences.

The identity is based on the imagery of a typical local winery and the traditional products that can be found in it.


A simple but visually appealing solution that, with only 3 elements of stationery, helps to build a recognizable visual identity of its own.

What we did

  • We create an identity that it is also their own personality
  • Communication storytelling
  • We became friends