Design is Future is an event aimed at design and business professionals which, through exposure to the most innovative exponents in terms of design, such as WeTransfer, Typeform, Lenovo or IBM Design, and through Fabrica, the Wolff Olins agency or the consulting firm Frog Design, seeks to explain everything where design can have a positive impact.



Design is Future aims to generate questions about the great changes that are occurring in the world of companies, agencies, education and society, always from the standpoint of design as an innovation tool. We wanted to explain, through presentations and workshops of local and international speakers, what design can offer at social, business and professional level and help build more culture around design.


We worked on the conceptualization, organization and curation of the event, as well as the communication of the campaign and the identity of the brand.



The event invites all attendees of the event to travel to the future through 3 worlds: the profession, the company and society. In each block there are good practices and experiences of interest from all over the world; examples of new design professionals who certify the usefulness of design to energize and make companies grow and finally how design helps to improve society in general and the quality of life of people in particular.


With more than 30 speakers and 1200 attendees at conferences and workshops between the two editions, Design is Future was consolidated in 2016 as one of the landmark design and innovation events in the city.


What we did

  • Event conceptualization
  • Direction & organization
  • Content curating
  • Brand & identity
  • Design & art direction