We dissected design from a more intimate and exhaustive vision in a relaxed, close and didactic environment.



The project aims to bring together and give voice to professionals recognized in the field of design from different disciplines in order to know their personal stories that have marked their career and to detect how the design sector is evolving. The debate was related to the different disciplines that are offered in the school, which are increasingly interrelated: graphic, product, interior, fashion, technology and sustainability.


The interventions are divided into two parts: in the first instance the speakers talk about the five main influences in their career and then reveal the five trends that they think will mark the future of their sector. Once the presentation has finished, a round of questions and a discussion take place.


With most of the speakers, the format generated personal stories that determined their professional career and reflections on the future of design.

Some of these “trends” of the profession were: new production systems, the excess of society, the domination of a few brands in the market, the new baby-tech generation, data analysis, Artificial intelligence, society’s fear of a changing world, discoveries in the field of human thought and, finally, the ethical debates that will arise with the new milestones that are achieved.

What we did

  • Naming
  • Creative campaign
  • Curating, direction and production