The editorial and creative direction of the new label asked us to work on a risky project in which we transcended formats and importance was given to the content itself. We decided to work on the identity from the editorial criteria, explaining the literature from the cover itself and the authors from their daily work.



We had to develop the identity for a new publishing house that wanted to base its publication criteria on the books written from the need to write, a publisher in which the text and author selection criterion was given great weight. The main objective was to create the identity for a publisher of author’s texts, without commissions, in which they published those contents that had no place in other labels.



We decided to give the greatest importance to the editorial criterion and the content, moving the editor’s texts to the cover, giving authors predominance over the title and showing their daily life on the different levels of the book, creating an object with which to create complicities and connect the readers with the authors.


In the books, the reader will discover from the editorial criterion on the cover, to the pages handwritten by each author in the flaps, previous sketches handwritten on the flyleaves and even an image separator of the author’s life, among many other little allusions inside each book.



A project developed to bring literature with a soul to the readers. From the name of the publisher to the typographic and literary conception of the books, :Rata_ wants to be a new publisher in which the authors can develop their most intimate texts and where the readers will find spaces of complicity.

What we did

  • Identity & Branding
  • Editorial design
  • Graphic code
  • Communication