Located in the workshop space of the Toormix studio in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona, the graphic identity plays with the idea of the joining of the two teams -Tactel and Toormix-. A stroke that links both first letters (T) through a gesture in the form of the letter “E” and that is always represented in a different format and stroke.


The graphic project seeks to establish a personalist code in line with the philosophy of the new space and one which incorporates a dose of experimentation in the proposal, making each piece different and surprising yet consistent with the code created.



During the process and development of the corporate identity and its graphic code, the proposal evolved with different corporate and / or communication materials, such as the room signage, the press release, the business cards, the posters, potential displays for the space or even the signage in the art gallery.

Within this process, we emphasised the work of tipography that was carried out with the goal of printing the promotional flyers. With this technique we achieved an experimental and imperfect effect for each of the printed flyers and one which makes them unique.


A flexible identity complemented by the use of a characteristic yet very unique typography called TRASH.



Espai Tactel Toormix is an opportunity for reflection and experimentation. That is the reason why we align the mission of this new space with a personalist yet flexible and experimental communication while placing great importance on the typography selected. An exercise that allows for infinite possibilities for the evolution of the code while maintaining a coherent identification through a clear and recognizable brand.


What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication
  • Design culture