Specialized in home-based respiratory therapies, Esteve Teijin renews its brand with an emphasis on professionalism, personalized assistance, teamwork and commitment to quality health. An opportunity to enhance brand values ​​through a more direct, actualized and warm manner of communication.


The synthesis of the corporate message through a renovated brand and a clear and identifiable graphic code was one of the key objectives in refreshing the identity and all elements of communication. It presented an opportunity to enhance brand values, showcase its proven experience and possess a vision of the future as a company specialized in offering personalized home-based health therapies.

A simple icon that explains the why of Esteve Teijin and one which unites the concepts of health and home in a single graphic element with sticking power.


With the aim of total immersion in the project as well as discovering and studying the perceptions of the brand and the service itself, a series of dynamics were generated in order to gather valuable information for the project.

Various sessions of obvservation regarding some service points and the monitoring of several home-based services formed part of the first analysis which was supplemented by a work form related to perceptions of the brand, service, sector and competence, aimed at both workers and patients, professionals and family members.

Lastly, a workshop was created with the Management, Strategy and Communication teams, whereby the results of the previous dynamics were highlighted to define, order and classify ideas alongside the client, while detecting opportunities that could help channel the positioning of an updated brand.


The strategic conclusions highlighted the fact that the most differential and competitive aspect of the brand was home-based service, as this is the company’s why. Furthermore, other aspects such as health, professionalism and experience held equal weight.


The brand concept focused on home-based service as protagonist supplemented with the idea of health. A clear symbol representing both ideas in one single element. Additionally, a new palette of colours was integrated playing with different shades of blue while incorporating a fluorescent green to refresh and bring vitality to the image. Subsequently, the use of non-serif typography to compact the name Esteve Teijin and identify the new graphic messages, was used.


The graphic code for communication plays with elements cropped over a colored background in order to conceptualize the ideas in a clean and concise manner. Thus, the objective of the photo session was to present every-day scenes of the service in a close and concise manner, where the patient was seen interacting with the medical product naturally and comfortably. The interaction between patient and medical staff was intended to transmit closeness, dialogue and transparency.


Photo session carried out by photographer Txema Salvans which allows for a large archive of unique images that represent the service of the brand and the interaction between professional and patient.


After 10 years in the market Esteve Teijin evolves into a leading company within the home-based health sector that, along with a renewal of its image, achieves a more youthful message and one focused on transparency. Thanks to its background and experience it establishes itself as a strong competitor to the big brands within the sector.

A competitive advantage that makes it a leader in modern and technological services, specialized in respiratory health yet open to incorporating new strategic lines of the future thanks to a renewed corporate discourse.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate identity & branding
  • Communication
  • Art and creative direction