We built a light and desaturated visual style that helped displace the pharmacy from the concept of illness, turning it into a wellness environment.



Our challenge was to create a new identity, placing the pharmacy in the health and wellness environment, bringing us closer to prevention than to the classic care of pharmacology. We had to focus the pharmacy towards wellness, prevention and health consulting.


The watercolors with soft colors it is a graphic resource that helps to humanize the brand.



We chose to give a positive message through the generation of the symbol associated with happiness of a heart created from the letter “E” which is, at the same time, the initial letter of “Esplugas”. We also designed an ad hoc corporate typography, a library of visual elements and an iconographic system for the development of different materials for daily use.


The graphics go beyond the packaging and the application on the graphic media and move to the space, in collaboration with the architects in charge of the interior design, generating a global and homogenous image for the whole project.

What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Environmental design