With a working zone centered in the surrounding areas of the Ebro and in the south of the province of Tarragona, Garcia Moreno focuses its business on the distribution of high-end food products for the catering channel (hotels, restaurants and cafes), differentiating itself from the competition for the rigor of its work and professionalism, offering a quality service, a “gourmet” company.



The main aim was to help increase the perceived value of the service offered by the company, aligning it with the type of product that they sell. That is, to reposition the brand in the context of quality, as one of its core values. As such, it was necessary to create a flexible identity that could coexist with the variety of products and in the environment of the warehouse, where many of the customers collect their orders. The facilities have also been reformed and reorganized with this in mind, in accordance with the overall nature of the project and with the aim of increasing the perception of the company to achieve a higher stance within the food and distribution market.



With the objective of aligning the language of high-end consumer products, we worked on the idea of certification labels of excellence and the color black (associated in the mind of the consumer as a “premium” product). Moreover, its own iconographic system was created and given personality in order to express the wide variety of products distributed and to help develop the signage of the facilities, as well as to explain the brand in the different corporate materials.



Garcia Moreno seeks to increase the perception of quality and premium range, ensuring its consistent expression from the very service itself, to the renovated facilities, including its identity, which helps create a brand environment appropriate to the values of the company.


What we did

  • Identity & communication
  • Creative and art direction