We structured the information to make it accessible and decodable by the user, defining a more friendly experience, minimizing the steps necessary to make reservations and offering an information and management environment in which it is easy to find, visualize and to pay for a stay.



We had to redefine the online experience of H10 to position their website as the main point to book rooms in their hotels. We wanted to offer the customer the best classification of content, a synthesis of the structure on the main page and an easier search bar to increase loyalty and position the portal in the first place when looking for a room in the group’s hotels.



The project was a global rethinking and started with the creation of a flexible structure that allowed the adaptation of the content in the best possible way for each medium (desktop, tablets and mobile), obtaining a responsive website on any device.

The work of structuring and wireframing the website was vital to optimize the booking experience and to help position the website as the main selling point of H10 hotels.



The project ended with the creation of a new library of icons, buttons and a new typographic structure, as well as monthly and seasonal newsletters (b2c online communication).

What we did

  • UX/UI
  • Wireframing & structure
  • Graphic code
  • Content design
  • Multi-platform design
  • Web design
  • Digital communication