With the aim of enhancing digital content while simultaneously making it more accessible, complete and visual, a functional website is conceived with data, milestones, news and other information about the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.



For the first time, the digital project seeks to present the memory in a 100% interactive format. A simple but very accessible website with a “one page” format organized by themes and concepts.


Once the pertinent information and documentation has been compiled, these contents are classified in order to organize them in a thematic way and to structure the modular system of the website through a wireframe and a small prototype. From here, the photographic and audiovisual material is collected and the final design of the site is developed, as well as the necessary illustrations and animations that complement the content.



This project illustrates the shift towards digital support of the project, which, until now, had been largely in print. The annual report, a document usually cumbersome and full of numbers, now becomes a fresh, informative and above all, updated and interactive website. A clear example of the digital transformation that Hospital Clinic is implementing and one in which digital documentation will increasingly take on more weight in its corporate strategy.


What we did

  • Create and art direction
  • Digital experience