We developed the project together with the CCRTV Interactius technical department, researching possibilities based on the online experience we designed for the users.


The main challenge was to create a new online presence for a radio station that lost frequency modulation (FM) and became only online, so it had to work on any device. The second challenge of the project was to integrate into the new website the live broadcast of six online radio channels and an audio library on demand. The third challenge was to add content of editorial value, program information, music and cultural news, video, concerts, surveys and contests, as well as incorporating the social networks, the possibility of content viralization and the enhancement of the online radio experience.



We performed previous user and market research, as well as internal co-creation sessions, together with different client departments, with the objective of analyzing, discussing and defining the real needs of the project and the final users. Priorities were also set for the final approach and the project brief and brand adjustments were redefined for maximum consistency.

Since the project had to maintain the pre-established identity of iCat, we chose to construct a graphic and typographic palette with a prominent character.


In the co-creation sessions, the online support was rethought. Besides offering the streaming of 6 online radio channels, it allowed easy browsing through the on demand radio services, as well as the integration of editorial content as a music and trends magazine. We built a modular system of contents, prioritizing and categorizing information according to each section. Visually, we looked for a recognizable, dynamic and flexible system to accommodate the different personalities of the station’s shows.

What we did

  • UX/UI
  • Wireframing & structure
  • Graphic code
  • Content design
  • Multi-platform desgin
  • Web design