The design of the new identity of Ereso takes the nautical flags and its iconography as reference, and appropriates its language in order to identify it with the sector.

With regards to the development of the logo, this too is rooted in the historical images of the founding period of the company and of the original labeling of a boat of its founder at the beginning of the 20th century.


The objective was to identify the company with the sector and appropriate the extensive experience in this field, aligning the company with its history. As such, it was based on aesthetic references of the nautical world, as well as a classic color palette of the environment. The result should help transmit quality and excellence in the service, as well as a repositioning within a sector covered by technology companies and based on sports brands, being the only company that could appropriate this value on the island of Ibiza.



The project was based on the need to create its own code away from the sports concept so often used in the sector, placing it a step above the rest of the companies in terms of quality. We had to create a prestigious brand that conveyed this value from its own identity, through the quality of materials and consumables as well as its digital expression. Taking into account the volume of sales that energize this sector, the client sought to transmit quality but also knowledge, experience and prestige, and, as such, we opted to work on a clean and contemporary brand expression that would help in the development of its speech.


With regards to the development of materials, the best collaborators were sought out in order to obtain a better resolution which would also help construct a better perception of the brand and business project. The objective was to emphasize the fact that the brand´s public would feel special about being a customer of Ereso, given that the company bases its treatment on familiarity and capacity of service.



A nautical identity, of historical reminiscences and one that helps build an environment of its own and an identifiable brand within the environment of the nautical sector on the island of Ibiza. A sector with great competition and one that offers an opportunity to transmit confidence through a brand that generates trust and at the same time protection due to the experience and quality of the service. Without falling into excess and luxury, a close and familiar brand.

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