Luchana theaters went from being a multiplex to offering live shows with four different programming schedules. It was necessary to help the public identify these four types of programming as well as to reach the family and general audiences. Through the austere use of colors, materials and media we built a decodable visual system for each of these audiences.


Considering that the cultural offering programmed at the Luchana Theaters is offered at popular prices and with different programming schedules, we had to create an austere brand that would help the public understand the offer and perceive the policy of reasonable prices without falling into the “low cost” concept. We worked on the brand on the basis of the multistage (4 rooms, 4 programming schedules) and the superposition of emotions and spaces in a multi theater that offers space for shows, cabaret, magic and dance, among many other possibilities and disciplines for the general public and families.


These four rooms, expressed with numbers, and playing with typography, became the main characters of the new identity. Each room uses a different typography for the headlines, expressing the diversity and personality of each of the spaces.



With a view to the opening of the space, we were part of the team in charge of the communication and creativity campaign, developed together with the advertising agency FARR. The main idea of ​​the campaign was generated from a parallelism between the logo of the space and the emotions that arise and that we express under the claim “More to feel”.

Finally, we worked on a ‘guerrilla’ action to promote the new space for its opening. With the aim of generating noise and repercussion on social networks, we created an action around the theatrical phrase “Mucha Mierda!” (in English ‘Break a leg!’). An action aimed at the press, guests at the party and the general public, in which we filled the street with red “poop”, explaining what was happening and when Luchana Theaters was beginning its journey.



Luchana Theaters is a private venture that wants to bring the performing arts to the general public. At the agency we wanted to create a visual code that acted as a seal of guarantee, helping the public to understand its varied offering, its multisystem concept, and to understand in an easy and intuitive way the space and its programming.

What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Editorial design
  • Graphic code
  • Communication
  • Brand consultancy