Kariiou is a company located in Yiwu (China) specialized in paper products that wants to enhance its brand to position it as the benchmark company in the sector. That is why within its expansion strategy there is the objective of consolidating its product catalog in several markets with a great interest in becoming a recognizable brand at points of sale and overcoming the status of “generic brand” that had been, up until then, prevalent in their business model.

Making a brand that is synonymous with quality, creativity and design in the paper products sector stand out.


The goal of the commission was to create a reference brand with extensive experience that is capable of producing hundreds of different models and designs for every season. Specialist in the world of paper products, ranging from bags of all sizes, rigid cardboard boxes, notebooks to planners of various formats and every type of associated product, in addition to an area dedicated to special products for parties and celebrations.


The main objective was to consolidate the brand as a specialist in the sector while at the same time internationalizing it, making it more global and competitive without losing the value of experience and its productive capacity. The new positioning seeks to connect with its clients and defines itself as a contemporary brand that corresponds to a certain lifestyle. More specifically, in the happiness and the “festive” moment that the user shares when interacting with the product. A happiness that translates into moments to enjoy life, friends, and family. Products such as notebooks, personal diaries, or packs for celebrations and anniversaries become moments of authentic happiness and enjoyment. “Happy Moments” was the slogan chosen for the new identity.

The graphic environment created for the new brand represents partying and fun with elements that are pulled from the new identity. The double letter “i” of the name “Kariiou” ended up becoming confetti and pieces of paper that give an informal and graphically explosive character to all of the applications. The color palette accompanies the explosive character and enriches it with various resources that, according to the applications, play with the compositional space itself.

The different product applications unify certain functional criteria for all of the packaging categories. The corporate applications play with graphic elements according to the characteristics of the space: vehicles, fairs, shops, or signage elements.



This was a strategic change for the company that aimed to internationalize the business, make the brand more relevant at the point of sale, and to become a benchmark in the category of paper products with a brand that is fresh, contemporary, and, above all, connects with its clients as well as the moments the products are used.


What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Identity & Communication
  • Environmental design