For three years, we worked on stabilizing the visual code and information structure of L’Auditori to create a recognizable personality and a seal of guarantee both on-line and off-line for the Barcelona municipal music auditorium. We developed the annual campaign, the materials and the online presence for three seasons.



The main challenge was to position L’Auditori in the minds of consumers as Barcelona’s music space, creating a seal of guarantee for attendees, being able to program shows / concerts that were more risky and aimed at new audiences.



We decided to work through illustrations with renowned artists, in order to appropriate this language within the spaces dedicated to the city’s music, thus creating a personality of its own. We thus made it functional for the user, finding the information as easily and intuitively as possible.



For three years we worked on the transition and construction of a visual and structural information system so that the internal design department of the institution could later develop it autonomously. For three years we worked together with this department, carrying out the creative direction and the art direction of all the elements, working strategically to reach new audiences.


Web design, UX & UI

The project includes the interface & usability proposal, art direction and new graphic & corporative elements, furthermore of others graphic resources as buttons, iconography, reticular structure and colour board, among other design elements.


Qué hicimos

  • Identity & Branding
  • Art direction
  • Iconography library design
  • Communication on & off-line
  • Web design