We created a brand without a logo through a variable language and visual code, seeking to reflect the world of literature and editorial design in each graphic medium.



At a strategic level we decided, together with the client, to build a corporate image without the classic elements of a graphic identity and using the elements of editorial design. The bookstore team did not feel comfortable with a logo and we decided to create the identity without it, replacing it with a complex and variable visual system. We wanted the protagonism to be rooted in literature and to give more importance to the story than to the traditional design of the identity.


We created a brand personality from the literature with the participation of more than 15 recognized authors who developed literary texts that we used on the various graphic media of the bookstore. Through small essays of less than 300 characters related to the bookstore, we offered the information in a language that the public understood most: literature. Always taking into account the positioning of the LC: the regular and restless reader. The texts explained the contact information at the same time as forming small personal stories about the bookstore that change as the different media change. These stories were visualized through cards, a very characteristic element of Sant Antoni market, as people gathered on Sundays around the market to exchange these elements.

We created a library of elements referring to the work of the writer Pere Calders, the name of the bookstore and an artist closely linked to the Sant Antoni neighborhood.


Recurring elements in the work of Calders such as the house, a Japanese person, an amputated hand, a clock … were useful to create a library of elements with which to generate different elements that, aesthetically, take the graphic code typical of the editorial design and book covers of the mid-20th century.


The differential part of the project was to create an identity without a fixed logo, with some applications that come from playing with the literature itself to make them. With this exercise, we participated with writers such as Yannick Garcia, Abel Cutillas, Isabel Sucunza, Marina Espada, Adrià Pujol, Joan Ferrús, Martí Sales, Josep Maria Argemí and Maiol de Gracia, who are stamped on bookmarks and tote bags from the store.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Graphic code