The first step is to study the documentation, graphics, data of all kinds and other contents of interest to make the general picture of the project in terms of the type of information to be communicated to the users. It is a matter of summarizing, ordering and, above all, prioritizing the most relevant data, as well as an optimized system to provide all the information in a user-friendly and interactive way.

The proposed web structure takes into account several content blocks that prioritize at the top the data that summarizes the 2019 highlights. In addition, other sequences allow the separation of general information, data by topic, economic statistics, important works and other resources.

In terms of experience, we are looking for a website that is organized but at the same time diverse in terms of the presentation of the different levels of information. Thus, for example, general data are presented in a summary format of main figures, other data are separated by type of content and at the same time are clickable to expand information by health region or by topic. Other information is presented on an interactive map and finally, the animation of information blocks makes navigation fun, dynamic and surprising.

With the aim of also connecting with reality, we create some audiovisual banners through small clips in which we can view the different health areas of the territory as well as the professionals and even patients in first person. A way to give importance to the medical and human teams behind the whole task of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


The videos we produced with our audiovisual production team allowed us to access a health center in order to film the various professionals and scenes that are presented. A modern, clear and human language that helps to place the information in a natural and very realistic way with respect to the field where they take place.

In addition, illustrations help us to separate information and give more empathy to the diverse amount of numbers and information presented on the website.


The result of the project is a website well organized by topic, clarifying in terms of general data and interactive to dig deeper into specific data, themes and specific regions. A website full of transitions and other animations that allows a fluid, engaging, surprising and above all useful navigation. A fundamental new tool to understand the data of the Department of Health designed for all audiences.


What we did?

  • Web design, UX/UI
  • Art direction
  • Audiovisual production