The idea is to create a system that allows the client to build several microsites using the same system as well as the same look and feel, but one that gives the client the flexibility to adapt the content, images, videos, texts and other design elements and texts as they see fit.


The challenge was to generate a WordPress website that allowed the client to create their own independent websites, but whose management was both flexible and uniform. Moreover, it was to have an art direction that allowed explaining the various details of each tour in a visual, synthetic, understandable and functional manner.

It would also take into account a structure based on aonepagestyle that would allow the development of a series of elements and functionalities to explain the tours containing relevant and useful information, incorporating video elements, image galleries, technical data, details of the specific team of each tour, the chefs background, and the characteristics of the gastronomic tour.

A series of icons and illustrations were developed to explain elements with a visual style that was clear, modern and with personality.


In conclusion, we developed an independent web microsite creation system that easily allows the addition of new microsites using the same parameters that both are flexible and adaptable to the needs of the content of each tour. This allows the Aborigens team to be selfsufficient and not dependent on a team of programmers.


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What we did

  • Web design
  • Art direction