The centenary space went from just programming circus shows to expanding the disciplines within the program, such as contemporary dance, music, performance, etc. Starting from this premise, we had to build a brand according to the space and an identifiable visual code that acted as a seal of guarantee for the attendee, since very often there are companies programmed that are not known on the commercial or traditional circuits. We had to create a brand that would modernize the stage space and be recognizable and trusted by people.


The identity is based on the circle as a reference to the 360 theater stage, one of the few in Europe, which makes it so characteristic and attractive to artists.



Price Theater is one of the few theaters with a 360º stage, so we represented this particularity of the space in the brand, playing with circles to shape the identity. Once we had established the brand, we created a versatile system and started to work together with the client so that the internal design team could incorporate the brand manual and work autonomously, respecting as much as possible the identity of each of the art companies programmed in the space, interfering as little as possible with their respective brands.



The result of the project is a complete visual system, with a distinctive code of its own, which is simple to apply to different theatrical activities and, at the same time, is a recognizable brand on the cultural scene in Madrid.

What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Editorial design
  • Graphic code
  • Communication
  • Brand consulting