We worked together with Heywood & Sons team to create a better user experience in data collection and monitoring, gamifying the experience to help users optimize their water consumption. Based on all the data provided by the sensors, we designed a device through which the data could be offered in different ways depending on the audience, the objectives and needs.


We had to create an easy and intuitive experience that would help the user to feel involved in the optimization of their water consumption at home, who, in turn, would obtain valuable data and go beyond the moment of novelty. We opted for the gamification of the experience to make users participate and so that these users would not give up their objectives, offering comparative consumption, community and contextual data.


During the process we held several joint co-creation sessions with the client and the development team to discuss different possibilities, both technical and implementation, carrying out repeated rounds until the final prototyping.

The colors vary according to the time and the message that is displayed, reaching red in situations of “danger” and in those in which the user has exceeded their initial objectives.


The design work involved the creation of the user experience, such as the visual design or how to display the data for the device to be user friendly.

What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Service design
  • UX / UI
  • Graphic code and iconography