The new identity expresses quality values through a symbol that represents a seal of approval and a graphic code based on the importance of the product and the diverse categories of dishes offered by the restaurant.


The main objective was to express the values of a healthy kitchen through clear and honest language. Without contrivances or a special connection with the vegan public. It is about communicating the benefits of a balanced gastronomic proposal for all kinds of public, in a fresh, direct and open way.



An identity in the form of a seal, which incorporates the baseline “Real Food Cafe” as a declaration of intent of a local site focused on healthy food, with a quality product and an original offer based on nutritional quality at reasonable prices.

An iconographic system that allows you to easily understand the restaurant’s gastronomic offer: combined dishes, sandwiches, coffee and breakfast, pizza, salads, etc. And a clear, descriptive and graphic language that responds to the expression of terrains, products or other plant elements, by means of various textures.


Language is important when it comes to creating messages and also explaining the benefits of each product on the menu. The names for each of the juices or the interest in highlighting the information in a classified and orderly manner, are some of the keys to the development of the graphic system for the packaging of coffee and beverages.


A language of proximity that expresses organoleptic values and the benefits of each product through a menu that is clear and direct, as well as its various communication messages, labeled #odacovarealfood as a common thread.



A project in which a descriptive language prevails yet at the same time a clear and personalistic graphic system is sought that transmits originality and information at the same level. Graphic textures that play upon various elements of the restaurant, as well as a flexible and mobile brand that transforms it into remarkable seal of approval in each of the various applications.


What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Creative and art direction
  • Product design