From structural and navigation design, to the decision of working with illustrations and an iconographic system intended to be easy and meaningful, we have created a project that offers a new visual, an understandable experience, and a user-friendly interface.


To build a new environment that provides the best user experience for all ages, to create a graphic code and a recognizable language onto a friendly, useful and truthful environment that becomes comfortable to users, and that they can find information about their health with total confidence.


An iconographic system developed ad hoc for the Portal CLÍNIC, designed through a bold style and using a non-aggressive color board from the corporate colors of Portal CLÍNIC: green from the Hospital Clínic and blue from the Fundación BBVA, the bank that supports the project. We set a layout system to work the contents that appear with each disease as infographics or epidemiologies.


In collaboration with the team of web developers RunRoom and Hospital Clínic, we have worked on the website structure and navigation to offer a better user experience, and to create a useful environment for all ages. In addition, at toormix we have worked on the definition of the visual code, in order to help the project to give exclusive and recognizable contents. We have also fully developed the art direction applied to audiovisual contents, photography, illustration, etc.


We have been working on the style guide for two years, focusing on the development of downloadable materials (tips posters, illustration, iconographic system, among others) to customize the experience and to lower the technical language normally used in the medical world, to produce a language that can be understood by any common user.

Posters are an essential element of the communication; in this case we developed posters for each disease with a modular and variable content structure. This means that this creativity can be used as a printed piece at the doctor’s office, as well as a promotional tool to inform through social media.


We work the campaign communication for the Portal CLÍNIC launch. A campaign with the same creative direction, but focused onto the product and its main way to promote it: the online portal.



The result is a comfortable and easy-to-use website, full of valuable content with scientific evidence-based information, oriented to help users understand and de-escalate their situation when it is all about health. Therefore, the project succeeds in helping finding truthful information on the Internet in a clear and friendly way. A website that wants to become an exemplary medical site to check on diseases and health issues at a local and international level, and for all ages included. This is the only website with this kind of information in three different languages: English, Catalan, and Spanish.


What we did

  • Design consultancy
  • Brand strategy
  • UX / UI
  • Creative and art direction
  • Communication