‘Sys­tems’, an exhi­bi­tion curated by Das pro­gramm

Poster for ‘sys­tems’, an exhi­bi­tion of com­mis­sioned poster designs and ‘60s Braun prod­ucts curated by Das pro­gramm and pro­duced in asso­ci­a­tion with Braun. Thirty-four lead­ing graphic design­ers and stu­dios were invited to pro­duce a poster design on the theme of Braun sys­tems design.

We’ve created a fictitious design machine from aesthetic and functional Braun elements. The design is based on a classical graphic system, adapted to a more contemporary language and personal approach. We’ve chosen a blender because it is an icon linked to our studio’s name.

Massimo Vignelli 'Timeless' exhibition

This is our contribution for Timeless exhibition, a tribute poster show curated by Husmee Studio Graphique in collaboration with Vignelli Center and presented in San Sebastián (Spain) with the participation of 33 international design studios.


Flamenco Soul & Young Flamenco Project

Flamenco Soul is a cycle of concerts led by well-known producer Javier Limon which take place in various cities of the United States. Design of the tour posters and the CD Young Flamenco Project. Directed by Javier Limón and produced by the Berklee College of Music-Campus Valencia and the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C.


Festival of New Spanish Cinema posters

Poster design and communication of the Festival of New Spanish Cinema 2015 and 2016, the most important festival regarding to the Spanish independent cinema in USA. An itinerant festival which has been present in five cities around the USA during the 2015 and 2016 editions (Chicago, Portland, Houston, Puerto Rico and Washington).

For the communication, we have built a modular graphic code characterised by the typography, identifying and customizing each poster with each city initials. Between both editions, we have opted for upgrade the chromatic gamma at all communication, appropriating in this way of the graphic code.

Bike to Life

Typographic research project mounted with pieces of bikes. The goal is to create an alphabet, build words and compose posters with images of bike corpses, a collection of photographs of several abandoned bicycles around the world. Exhibited in La Bicicleta Gallery in Madrid, in Espacio Think, Langreo (Asturias) and in Instituto Cervantes (Praga).


Welcome. Memories of Barcelona

A reflection on the impact of mass tourism in the cities and their influence on the essence that makes them attractives to the people. This experiment is a nod to the stereotypes of tourists in Barcelona and has been combined with a postal archive from early S.XX compiled in different parts of the world.


25th edition of the ‘Fira d’Art Salàs’ poster

Fira d’Art de Salàs is a 25 years old art fair based in a little town called Salàs de Pallars in the Lleida province in the north of Catalonia. They asked us to create this special anniversary poster and the idea was to use a more artistic approach. That’s why we decided to make a personal exercise based in our photographic archive. The result is a photographic reflection on how human activity is present in nature and in turn, how nature is also present in civilization. A sort of visual ying yang created with photographs of Iceland. A reflection that uses the artistic language to communicate this year’s event. A perfect excuse to channel our personal concerns beyond design and in which we rarely used in commercial projects.


Graphic identity and communication campaign for the new trend literary Festival NEO 3. This event took place in the Palau dela Virreina Barcelona where for 3 days were panel discussions with authors and figures relating to various subjects.

The graphic concept plays with a tongue steeped in ink as a parallelism of language and writing. The leaflet has a small book format and graphics play with line textures like the pages of a book and several spots of black ink.

Photo: Artur Muñoz