The piece revolves around the idea of celebrating and remembering the activities and events as a summary and is accompanied by a poster featuring the different program covers of the last 10 years as well as the names of all the participating artists and creators. The poster is folded in a way that it also works as a book jacket.


For the cover of the publication, designer and creative Pablo Delcán was invited to create the main image. Inside, the piece is organized by thematic chapters: Architecture, Design, Film, Visual Arts, Theater, Dance, Literature, Music, Urban Culture and Heritage. For its design we have sought a dynamic graphic composition, a variety of shapes and colors and other typographic resources that help to understand each theme along with the names of the artists. 

In addition, a small book of postcards has been created with the illustrations of the various guest creators, bound in such a way that the pages can be separated to be used.


A graphic and very complete summary of what 10 years of the cultural program Spain Arts & Culture have given and that illustrates in a summarized and visually attractive way everything that has happened throughout this decade full of creativity and art. At the same time, an object book that allows the publication to become also two posters as well as a collection of postcards.

What have we done?

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