We worked with the objective of making the perception of the Spanish state more contemporary, beyond ‘paella’, bulls and ‘sangria’, touristic concepts of the 60s, looking to position the country in the latest cultural trends. Through a fluid and changing identity we looked for the surprise in the receptor, escaping from the traditional and classic resources that have been used to date by the institutions to communicate the culture of peninsular origin.


The main challenge was to move away from Spain’s traditional codes of promotion abroad, creating a country brand at a cultural level and escaping the Spanish Golden Age, from cultural tourism conceptions, to help position Spanish contemporary culture in the minds of the international consumer. One of the needs was to create an umbrella that could cover a contemporary dance show, an exhibition about Rafael Moneo or a film series by new authors.


During the process, we decided to create our own typography that would align with the shapes of the logo, creating a consistent resource with it that could be used in communications without the need to mark all the materials with the logo and creating a unique and recognizable visual code. We also developed an iconographic library and a system of textures to support the brand to play with and expand on the range of resources, making the brand flexible and dynamic.


For the covers of the biannual programs, we contacted prestigious visual artists such as Alex Trochut, Marta Cerdà, Serial Cut, Mr. Oso, Paula Bonet, Paco Rueda and Pep Carrió, among others.



SAC is a change of concept in the universe of Spain’s government brands with a view to the outside world, a brand oriented toward new audiences that builds a current universe with the intention of explaining the country from a new point of view, more plural, diverse and risky. This brand is the most similar to the country brand from a cultural point of view and is currently being implemented globally, transcending the initial assignment for the US market.

What we did

  • Identity & branding
  • Brand architecture
  • Design and art direction
  • Editorial design
  • Product and event communication
  • Graphic code
  • Web design