An advertising slogan aimed to be a corporate brand that can draw new, international audiences, focused in an emotional perspective. We set up different footage areas that show the life at the camping and the particularities of camping tourism: This is Camping Life!


We reinvent the campings communication to engage new audiences as well as reset and innovate their services. Some concepts as “glamping” and the classification by themes of these touristic places present them as more unique zones. Furthermore, if these places are presented with a beach in a few minutes or other tourist attractions such as Port Aventura World theme park, the attractiveness of the Costa Daurada Centre campings does not have a rival. Therefore the challenge is to create a new concept that explains new ways to understand the camping tourism and make it more attractive through a clear and up-to-date communication.


The goal of this strategic communication is the construction of short-stories that could give us different audiovisual and graphic tools, that we could use to create different capsules in the media, as well as an international digital campaign, and to design a new microsite as a landing page. By means of a creative team coordinated by toormix, a photographer and a film-maker are added to produce the materials, which show the different footage areas of the campings. The result of this collaborative effort is a campaign that integrates the built storytelling, which gives life to the audiovisual materials, while applying the corporate graphics created and the narrative of texts that help to close the concept of the history.


We moved to the Costa Daurada Centre campings (Tarragona, Catalonia) to make the production during a full weekend.

A photo shoot and short movies produced at different campings of the Costa Daurada Center zone under the creative direction of the new pitch created: “This is Camping Life!” In addition, we develop the strategic planning to the digital media with the main purpose to expand the campaign to its target audience and countries. Finally, we set up different contacts with kindred media to create an editorial content based on the audiovisual content that we developed.


Posters and declinations that complement the campaign communication.



An international campaign created with the aim to upgrade the visual aesthetics of the Costa Daurada Centre and to promote the experiences of this touristic place. “This is Camping Life!” is an advertising slogan that illustrates several ways to live as a tourist through the campaign materials, showing different points of view. Pictures and movies, among other corporate materials, are used to build the full media planning, where we can find banners, social media contents, the website itself and promotion actions, like newsletters or press articles, in different blogs from many countries.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Identity & branding
  • Creative and art direction
  • Communication and media planning