With a special sensitivity to gender issues beyond the classic binary vision, they work side by side with artists, cultural managers, organisations and institutions to build projects that promote a paradigm shift in cultural management, breaking the classic hierarchies of this environment.

Tina (acronym of This is not an agency) is a team of professionals with a special sensitivity to gender issues, with all the breadth of the word, which adapts to the needs of the artists they work with, as well as promoting research into gender issues through corporal expression. For the development of the identity, the word Tina is combined with the word “Agency” tagged, with an ironic attitude towards the bad press that the figure of the classic “representation agency” has in its sector.

Laia and Valeria, the founders of this project, ask us to help them build a new identity based on the forcefulness of the discourse, taking some risks and escaping from the traditional agency identity and highlighting the discourse.


We’ve created a flexible, deformable identity that adapts to the space where it is applied, as well as it does their professional working method with the artists, institutions and projects in which they are involved.


For the development of the identity and the website, we propose to do it from the typographic forcefulness and colour. To reinforce the identity and in accordance with their approach to artists and clients, we propose the baseline “An adaptive performing arts agency”. 

With Tina’s identity we want the written discourse to be the most relevant part of the website and the flourishes to be irrelevant to its overall identity.



A flexible and adaptive identity based on typographic forcefulness and the use of pink colour, which helps to position the agency in an environment that tends to take few risks in discourse and which seeks to help positioning them as the agency sensitive to gender issues, LGBTIQ+ and open to incorporate risky and innovative discourses to their portfolio.


What we did?

  • Branding & Identity
  • Web design & UX / UI
  • Communication