The project required the creation of a visual system that would allow the development of a collection and facilitate the work of the label’s edition, helping them to make the designs in a more agile way and be able to concentrate their efforts on the music production.

For the special launching edition, we propose to create a unique object in scarf format, which together with a folding poster is part of a special pack. It is produced in a limited edition of 100 units for each artist, printed on silk fabric and printed by sublimation.


A  system is generated for the design of the covers with which the word “jazz” is created through pure geometric figures such as the triangle, the square and the circumference. Through the use of two different colors for each cover, the geometry of the word jazz and the grid base with which to arrange the elements we create a flexible and adaptable system although keeping the basic design of the collection.


A recognizable CD design and a flexible graphic system that helps to create the identity for a new label of young authors differentiated from the traditional SEED MUSIC original label. A compact and innovative solution that is released in physical format, a limited edition with the scarf and finally its adaptations to single and digital album.


What we did?

  • Identity & branding
  • Art direction