Designed and produced in Barcelona, the Suitto glasses are made by using high tech: 3D printing for each prototype and numeric control machines to cut the acetate. To finish this task, they turn to a craft process to offer the maximum possible quality with an accurate finish.

Suitto manufactures its product with high-quality, single-width acetate and each one of their glasses is made of only one piece, without assembling parts, and as a result they get a solid product with a minimized risk of breaking after long use.



The client had the need to express the quality and benefits of their product with the naming. Therefore the main challenge was to create a contemporary identity with a pragmatic brand name and a visual code easy to recognize. The purpose was to position Suitto inside the consumers’ mind and avoid the handicraft theme as a trend (despite of the handcraft used to build their products). Thus, the product tries to explain the profession and the implicit technical knowledge.


By using a high tech process and by combining it with craftmanship, Suitto produces an excellent product, yet precise and regular, in spite of the craftwork.


The goal of the new identity is to help spread the word of the product quality and its production process, and the selection of optimum materials, as well as to showcase the profession and knowledge of the sector, from the user needs to the optometrist, who have to work in a daily basis with the product. An idea that we represent in the brand baseline, where we want to explain that Suitto’s glasses are tested and adapted to all kinds of faces. The opportunity to launch a brand from scratch, to build a concept, from the name to the inscription of the brand in their own product, the collections’ names or other products.



Suitto is a gentle brand with an attitude that wants to highlight the details and spread smart, contemporary and top-of-the-range products with fair prices. The construction of the corporate identity helps to project a 360º, intelligible product that carries their values, storytelling and professionality.


What we did

  • Naming
  • Identity & branding
  • Brand strategy